Lots of give, less take at Albert Park exhibition

14 Dec

4 Dec 10 @ 08:00am by Sally Spalding

Andrew Mattock. Picture: Jason Sammon.

Andrew Mattock. Picture: Jason Sammon.

ARTWORK by Andrew Mattock is just hanging around. Until it gets switched.

With 140 pieces of art mounted at Gasworks, Albert Park, Mattock is offering visitors a chance to take a painting away with them if they leave a painting in its place.

“I’ve got no expectations in terms of the quality of art. I can’t be a judge on what they leave,” Mattock said.

“The parameters are that the offer is there and we will abide by that.”

Mattock said his work was valued between $1800-$2300 if purchased in a gallery.

“Some ideas are worth doing even if they are mad,” Mattock said.

“It’s a flashback to the 1960s; it’s a hippy thing.”

The dimensions of the artwork that need to be hung in place of Mattock’s work are 90cm x 60cm or 120cm x 90cm.

“It has to fit in the space that it has replaced.”

Mattock said he will be fascinated to see what is left on the walls at the exhibition’s end.

“A piece of work that comes in and goes on the wall may go again.”

Mattock’s exhibition, called Give and Take, opened on Friday, November 26.

It will be on show until December 12. Pictures can be exchanged on Saturday Dec 4.

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